Let's Get Started

3 steps in the bright direction

Step 1: Your Information

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Following your delegation of View Only Myaccount access to US Solar, we will email you your pricing, complete Sunscription Agreement and accompanying documents.

Step 2: Your Electricity Usage

After you have reviewed the Myaccount delegation instructions, go to myaccount.xcelenergy.com and get started. When delegating access to US Solar, please identify us as shown below.

How to give US Solar view only access to your Xcel account

Step 3: Complete Sunscription Agreement

After you have completed Step 2, you will receive:

1. An email from us with pricing and an overview of
the Sunscription Agreement you will receive from DocuSign

2. A DocuSign email with your
Sunscription Agreement contract package


You’re on your way to a brighter tomorrow!