See for yourself how a US Solar offsite Solar Garden can be spot on.

Part 1:
The Power

Historically, you needed your own roof or vacant land to benefit from solar and ‘going solar’ required dealing with onsite construction and maintenance. With Solar Gardens from US Solar, you no longer need a site of your own – we secure the best local sites and develop large, efficient systems that produce solar energy at the lowest cost. All you have to do is “subscribe” to a portion of the output with a US Solar SunscriptionSM to get the financial benefits of solar, all without any of the logistical work.

The energy generated from our Solar Gardens is delivered directly to the utility grid, and flows to local homes and businesses. Your utility will continue to supply you with electricity with no interruption in service.

Part 2:
The Utilities

Part 3:
The Savings

The utility doesn’t pay US Solar for Solar Garden energy – the utility pays you by reducing your monthly bill. You, in turn, pay US Solar as energy is produced. There is no up-front cost to a subscriber – US Solar takes care of all Solar Garden installation and maintenance costs.

Your SunscriptionSM doesn’t just deliver savings in the short term – it’s up to 25 years of rate protection. You can lock in protection for a quarter of a century. Best of all, your savings will increase as utility rates increase. Imagine if you had locked your utility rate in 1991. That’s the kind of benefit that US Solar offers. To start off the process, click below to ask us a question or request more information and let’s see what US Solar can do for you.

Not sold yet?

We get it, it’s a big decision. If you have questions, no problem. Just drop us a note here. In the meantime, here are a list of questions we get asked most often.

How much does solar cost?
If you have considered solar before, you may be surprised at our low prices. The cost of solar generation has fallen dramatically in recent years. Better yet, US Solar’s offsite Solar Gardens are typically much more cost effective than projects with sub-optimal siting. And we make it available to you with no upfront payment – all you owe are your fixed SunscriptionSM payments as energy is produced.

Is US Solar service available in my area?
Let’s find out! Get in touch with us today to evaluate your solar options and learn about the advantages of solar. Offsite Solar Garden solutions are limited to certain markets.
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Have space for a Solar Garden?

We’re always looking for partners to host a new system.
Do you have a large flat piece of land? Or, a commercial space
with a large unused roof? Let us see if we can create a solar garden
that will earn you extra income.